Feiyue was born in 1920 launching its first model for sale, a shoe designed for the practice of martial arts. In about ten years the brand was well known in China where it was not only used by Shaolin monks, but was also becoming a popular footwear among Chinese society.

After a few years of great success, the brand began to fall in sales and it was then that some French businessmen in 2000 decided to buy the rights and re-launch the product, with different designs and their own manufacture, moving away from the brand and essence. original from Feiyue in Shanghai.

Today, Feiyue is present in half the world, with great success in Europe, the US, Australia and, of course, in China. Finally, the original brand from that country arrives in Spain, with distribution throughout Europe. Feiyue Originals Dafu Europe was born as a part closely linked to the origins of Feiyue in China, and the culture of the Shaolin monks.

In recent years, many Chinese entrepreneurs have chosen Spain as an attractive destination to expand their business. Shenlong, owner of the brand, wanted to bet on Spain to launch Feiyue Dafu in Europe, with a line of unisex sneakers that cover all ages from 3 years. High quality sneakers, canvas, ankle boots, boots, etc., of high quality and innovative design, at very affordable prices.

All models between 25 and 60 euros!

From this website, you can buy Feiyue Dafu shoes with shipments throughout Europe. All models are designed and manufactured in Shanghai and, best of all, free of shipping and receiving your orders within 3-5 days.

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